Rear lamps

FlyEyesKit is at its best when tinting rear lamps. Unlike some other tinting methods, FlyEyesKit allows continued full function of the rear reflectors at night time. However, some safety precautions must be taken into consideration.

Very light colours such as white and yellow are not recommended for rear lights or indicators, as bright daylight can obscure the appearance of light coming from behind the film. This effect is not noticable with other colours, and our darker kits provide an unobstructed view of brakes and indicators in any external light conditions. If in doubt, contact us via email or use our contact form.



Some headlamps have a clear protective lacquer. These are unsuitable for applying any kind of tinting film as the adhesive used may damage the lacquer when you remove the film. This problem is not unique to FlyEyesKit, and you should check for a protective layer of varnish before modding your light fixtures.

With some high-intensity H1 light bulbs, this product may cause excessive heat build-up under sustained high beam use. This could result in melting of the kit, though there is no fire risk due to the self-extinguishing nature of the material. Typically if your high-beam bulb has a silvered tip or a cowling in front of it, it will be fine. If you are fitting this product to headlights, check your light fixture before you order. We offer a full refund to anybody who has bought our kit and found it unsuitable for their lamps. Replacing your Halogen H1 bulbs with 35Watt HIDs or Super Bright Cree LED bulbs is recommended as these do not generate excessive heat. For further information on this and any other issue, please contact us via email or use our contact form.

Click Here to view MOT Lighting Regulations.



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