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Tuesday 18th September 2018 16:40

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This website is not taking orders or payments and will shut down soon

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Introducing FlyEyesKit

Tinting your vehicle's headlights and rear lamps can look great, but normally it's a time consuming
fiddly job. FlyEyesKit are the world's first to introduce a new ultra flexible tinting material for
vehicles headlamp and rear lights that can be applied in minutes

Our film is designed to comply with MOT Lighting Regulations 2015. A honeycomb of perforated
holes within the films structure allows your natural light to pass through the film without compromising on
your desired glossy tint effect. FlyEyesKit allows full function of rear reflectors, will NOT alter your
projecting colour, does not affect your beam pattern and only negligibly affects brightness,
regardless of which colour tint is applied.

Other tinting methods such as solid vinyl film overlays or tinting sprays are illegal for road use,
these products will significantly alter your projecting beam colour and will seriously affect the workings
of rear reflectors.

FlyEyesKit is incredibly flexible and can be re-applied over and over again to ensure perfect bubble
free results. FlyEyesKit will stretch around any acrylic light casing in minutes by using your bare hands
and can be removed quickly without leaving any glue residue for upto seven years after application.

No lamp removal or specialised tools are required, we provide a carft knife, plastic application tool
and simple to follow instructions with each kit for you to get started straight away. FlyEyesKit will not
melt or shrink in most vehicle lamp fixtures*, and is resistant to road debris and harsh weather
conditions. Your can continue to wash your vehicle as normal without affecting your tint.

With 44 standard colours to choose from, a colour match of your vehicles paint work is almost
guarenteed. FlyEyesKit off 6 different sized sheets of film to suit a vehicle's lamp size. If you require
a bespoke size or a particular colour of tint, simply contact us, we're happy to help you!

Free visualiser service

Want to know what your vehicle will look like with tinted lights before you buy? Click here to find out
more about our visualiser service.

Money back guarantee

There really is no reason why you should not try the FlyEyesKit on your vehicle today. We offer a
100% satisfaction guarantee, or your money back! If you are still unsure or sceptical, why not try the
tinting film on one of your lights to see the difference for yourself? If you are not satisfied with the
results, Simply post the used and un-used film back to FlyEyesKit within 7 days for a refund.

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